Welcome to Piddle Paddle Kayaking! I love to kayak and this website helps document my kayaking experiences and where and how to get to the places I’ve visited and kayaked. I am a recreational kayaker, so no sea-kayaking here. I prefer light to moderate currents with some moderate rapids to keep the experience exciting. I also strive to provide useful information on conditions, put-in and take-out locations, and sometimes the surrounding area to include fun things to do and places to see and stay. I often include pictures of the actual kayaking trip and interesting places close by. Some of the kayaking adventures I write about are older than others so some details may vary…remember, you must be responsible to verify current conditions regarding these sites that involve safety, accessibility, use and availability. I may offer my kayak experiences, but this is NOT a kayak teaching website. It is for informational purposes only and not intended to be an educational or directional tool.  So, read my blogs and hopefully find time to try out the kayaking locations. I’d love to hear from you about your trips as well. ENJOY!

Check out the items below for everything you’ll need to get you on the water.

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